Nido: Coworking + Childcare

Nido is a non-profit coworking space with an on-site Montessori Preschool.

Our mission is to enable families to craft a flexible approach to work/life balance by fostering community and providing a supportive childcare solution. 

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In coming to Nido I found one of the biggest benefits to be the ability to ask other parents about their experiences. I’m not always looking for an answer, but sometimes it’s just nice to ask the question “Am I doing okay?” and get a little reaffirmation from another real life human.
— Ali, Owner and Baker, East Durham Bakeshop

Coworking is Community


Our coworking space serves folks that work remotely or run small businesses. Whether you're a designer, graduate student, software developer, or writer, we have a space for you. 


Creating a Femicentric Space


At Nido, we accept members regardless of gender identity; however, we have designed our space and community around the needs of womxn and mothers. Bottlefeeding and breastfeeding are both welcomed and encouraged everywhere throughout the spaces at Nido. We support families of all structures, sizes, and configurations and strive to create an inclusive and nonjudgmental space.

We recognize that most spaces in our built environment cater to the needs of men. We want to be different. We seek to eliminate points of friction in the design of our space and services with the aim to make them more supportive of the lives and needs of womxn and mothers. 

At Nido, I’m freed from my obligations to everything but my work—work that I find fulfilling and important and interesting but that I wasn’t finding the time for when I tried to work from home after my daughter was born.
— Theresa, Freelance Writer and Editor

Coworking membership includes:

24/7 Access

Unlimited coffee and wifi


10 Hours Monthly Conference Room Time

Free event space rental up to 3 hours per month


the Nido School for Children

child putting on gardening gloves

Our on-site school exists to serve the children of our coworking members - most of whom are primary caregivers. Our small program occupies a beautiful historic house in the heart of Durham, NC. Our teachers follow the Montessori Method of early childhood education, and - the best part - you can visit your child any time.

In our classrooms, we accept ages 6 months - 6 years. Children under 6 months may accompany their parent(s) in our parent-child room in the coworking space.

Our school year runs September-May. Our summer camp runs June-August.

Our school is only open to the children of parents or guardians who maintain an active coworking membership at Nido.

Nido made it possible for me to go back to work on my own terms.
— Kate, Freelance Public Relations Officer

Freelancer? Remote worker? Own a business? Starting a business?

Simply need a good cup of coffee, a few hours of quiet, and a community that understands you? 

You're welcome at Nido.


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