Childcare Programs at Nido


In our classrooms, we accept ages 6 months - 6 years. Children under 6 months may accompany their parent(s) in our parent-child room in the coworking space.
Our school year runs September-May. Our summer camp runs June-August.


Our school is only open to the children of parents or guardians who maintain an active coworking membership at Nido.


Infant (6 mos - 18 mos)

1:3 ratio

Even in their first days, infants begin to exercise their will and crave freedom. They move through their environment with insatiable curiosity.


Toddler (18 mos - 3 yrs)

1:6 ratio

Our toddlers are encouraged to practice their independence constantly. From pouring water, to putting on their coats - this is the age where the "can do" attitude is in full swing. We create a space for toddlers to explore these new skills in a supportive, nurturing environment.


Children's house (3 yrs - 6 yrs)

1:6 ratio

In children's house, we witness the emerging social child. Our children's house is a community where each member is encouraged to engage in productive, creative, self-driven work - a perfect mirror to our coworking space.


Outdoor play time!


Each day ends with outdoor play time to get all the wiggles out!

Our outdoor space includes a sandbox, organic garden, music wall, and chalkboard walls. We have loose parts for building ramps and structures. There’s everything your child needs for an imaginative outdoor adventure!


Summer School 2020

Summer School at Nido!

Summer at Nido is a time for exploration, play, and nurturing a sense of wonder.

Our Summer Program is offered in one session:
Summer Session 2020: June 22nd - August 14th