Coworking + Childcare

in one convenient, cozy space

Are you a mom and...a freelancer? remote worker? entrepreneur? grad student?

Nido Coworking + Childcare is for you. We founded Nido because, as working mothers, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice being with our children in those first, so very important years. And we shouldn’t to sacrifice our careers to be with our kids when they need us most.


We could go into the challenges of working moms, but you know those already. Instead, let’s talk about a solution: a coworking space with childcare.

Nido Coworking + Childcare is a coworking space for anyone working remotely or independently, with an on-site preschool for the children of our coworking members, and a healthy dose of the community we're all craving.

Join our village of like-minded moms (and dads) who want to change the standard for working parents.



We have designed our space around the needs of self-identifying women and mothers. We recognize that most spaces in our built environment cater to the needs of men. We are different.

We seek to eliminate points of friction in the design of our space and services with the aim to make them more supportive of the lives and needs of women and mothers. 

We fully support breastfeeding mothers, moms of infants have access to our Parent-Child Room, and you're close by if your children need you.




The School at Nido is an intentionally small program serving ages 6 months-6 years. Our goal is to ease your family's transition to childcare by creating an extension of the home environmentWe maintain optimal teacher:child ratios to ensure a truly personalized program for every child. 

We offer a half-day program during the school year, and both a half-day and full-day option during the summer. Our hope is that every child can be given the attention and freedom to grow and develop in a way that honors the unique qualities they bring to the world.



Our members are just as likely to discuss their baby's sleeping habits or set up a playdate as they are to ask each other for recommendations for a good accountant. At Nido, we know you are not just a professional or just a primary caregiver or just a community member.  We honor your commitment to the different roles you play and encourage you to inhabit them as fully as possible.