We start with community

children hands in dirt

Nido began with a potluck.

From there, we had a retreat, where the founding families came together to decide our direction and settle on core principles to get us started. Everyone had a voice; everyone was invested.

Our little co-op grew and developed over a period of 6 months as this idea was incubated in our director's house. It soon became clear that this idea was going to outgrow our surroundings. We moved to our space on Broad Street in the spring of 2015, and we determined to keep our community-driven model alive during and after the transition.

Since that move, we have employed teachers instead of operating as a co-op, and our members contribute their time, talent, and energy in other ways - helping out around our space, organizing workshops or craft days, planning social events, writing for our blog, and many other contributions on a daily basis that keep us going. 

children gardening together

And we never forgot about that first retreat.

The power of folks coming together around a common purpose and setting their minds on fulfilling it - that is a power we want to continue to harness.

So every term, we hold a Community Meeting. At Community Meetings, we share any changes we anticipate and ask for feedback. We ask our members what we could be doing better. Time and time again, we have found that when we have a problem, our members are the ones who can solve it. 

In 2018, we transitioned to a not-for-profit model. With this shift, we hope to cast our net wider into the community and access even more time, talent, and energy. We recognize that Nido is more than a place, and even more than a community - it is a movement toward a new way of living and working and being with each other. 

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