At Nido, we believe our community is what makes us strong. That's why we've created pathways for members to reduce their cost of membership in exchange for giving back to the community. We currently have a few work/trade slots available. If you need help paying for your membership at Nido, and you have skills that you could use to benefit our space, please consider applying to our work/trade program. 

Here are some of the areas we need support in: 


-Grant writing

-Classroom support (providing an extra hand to teachers when needed)

Note: for any work that you do for Nido, we calculate its value according to the hourly market rate for that type of work, and we apply it to your membership cost as a credit. Our current openings for work/trade scholarships cover 20-60% of tuition costs. 


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For more information on our program, please see our Membership Plans page and the pages for each of our classrooms.
For applicants applying to provide classroom support, personal references are acceptable.